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Kumpulan Wallpaper Naruto Shippuden

Fri Nov 19, 2010 5:22 pm by Naruto

Share Pic Naruto Shippuden

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Edit Canon MXF videos natively in Avid Media Composer

Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:52 pm by vivian058

Rewrap Canon MXF files natively for Avid Media Composer

Summary: This guide shows how to transcode Canon MXF files natively for use in Avid Media Composer with best MXF to Avid converter.

"I have a Canon XF camcorder, its recordings are in MXF format, now I want to import Canon MXF files to Avid Media Composer for editing, I want to keep the original data of the MXF footage, is there a good way to transcode/rewrap Canon MXF files natively for Avid Media Composer?"

As we know, …

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Problem "Error Compiling Movie" for exporting MXF files from Canon XF to Adobe Premiere

Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:48 am by vivian058

Problem "Error Compiling Movie" for exporting MXF files from Canon XF to Adobe Premiere

Canon XF camcorder are very excellent, many professional users got this series camcorder to record vivid videos. Canon XF camcorder recorded video format is MXF, which is not easy to use, you may encounter many problems when dealing with this video format.

Recently, a users complaining that he always …

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Importing Nikon D3S/D7100 footage into Premiere Pro for smooth editing

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Importing Nikon D3S/D7100 footage into Premiere Pro for smooth editing

Post by lydia870622 on Fri Oct 18, 2013 4:54 pm

Summary: Want to import and edit Nikon D3S/D7100 recorded 1080p MOV footage in Adobe Premiere Pro without problems? Here you will find the best solution.

When the Nikon D3 was launched, it had an immediate impact on the DSLR market, and not only in the professional sector. As you know the D3 was Nikon's first DSLR with an FX (full frame) CMOS sensor. Of course, there are some other hot models like D7100 in Nikon’s DSLR series. Both of them are wonderful to be taken to record full HD videos(H.264 MOV) when travelling. Whereas, when users wanna edit those MOV footage in Adobe Premiere Pro before sharing with friends, problems occurred: the Premiere can’t handle the 1080p H.264 files perfectly, the editing work seems so slow.

Q: .h264 .mov files importing only audio

“Does anyone know how to resolve this, pulling my hair out and had to revert to CS5 to get my work done. No video is loading on .h264 .mov files from my Nikon D7100… It's like the codec is missing and PPro is just importing the audio track. Is there some setting or something I can do?”

Well, I’ve found out the solution to fix the
Nikon MOV in Adobe Premiere Pro
issues. If you are also the Nikon D3S or D7100 owner and had the similar trouble with Premiere Pro, go through the article to check out the solution.

So how to import/load video clips from Nikon D3S/D7100 into Adobe Premiere for editing smoothly with no problems? The reason behind that you can’t edit Nikon DSLR recordings in Premiere smoothly is due to the format and codec. H.264 MOV is a long GOP format highly compressed that is not a good editing format for some common editors. The best method to solve those problems is to transcode Nikon MOV to Adobe Premiere Pro most compatible format, for instance, the MPEG-2 with Brorsoft
H.264 MOV to Premiere Pro Converter

Overall, the Nikon MOV Converter comes with supports for a wide range of video editing software and media devices, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Final Cut Express. It helps you convert Nikon, Sony, Canon, Panasonic cameras recordings to any editable format like MPEG-2, DNxHD, ProRes, AIC. mov, etc as you need without any quality loss. If you are troubled by the importing issues on Windows, please turn to Brorsoft
Video Converter.

Transocde Nikon D3S/D7100 MOV footages into Adobe Premiere Pro CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6

Step 1: After launching the Mac MOV Converter, click the Add button to load your footage to it from your Nikon D3S/D7100.

Tip: If necessary, you can click the button "Merge into one" to join several videos to one file.

Step 2: Click the format bar or the pull down menu of "Format" to select output format. To get Nikon D3S/D7100 MOV into Adobe Premiere Pro, the best format is "Adobe Premiere> MPEG-2 (*.mpg)".

Step 3: To get a perfect video for editing in Premier Pro, you’d better press the Settings icon to set the video size as 1920*1080, frame rate as 30fps in the Profiles Settings panel.

Note: For MPEG-2(*.mpg) output format, 30fps is the highest frame rate which can be recognized in Adobe Premier Pro.

Step 4: Click Convert button to start to convert Nikon D3S/D7100 MOV to MPEG-2 for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Once the conversion completes, simply click “Open” button to get the converted videos. And now you can bring the Nikon D3S/D7100 1080p MOV footage into Adobe Premiere Pro to create your own masterpieces.

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Best workflow for Nikon D4/D5100/D3200 MOV to Vegas Pro
How to import video from D4/D5100/D3200 to Premiere Pro
Import Nikon D3S/D7100 MOV files to Premiere Pro

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